Friday, March 18, 2011

Lessons learned as an Agile Coach

Yesterday I spoke at Turku Agile Day 2011 about my lessons learned as an Agile Coach. I was asked to talk about large-scale Agile adoption from the coach's point of view and I happily agreed as I have lots of stories to tell. It didn't turn out that way however. The new company strategy made my presentation obsolete and I subsequently spent some time on analyzing, generalizing and extracting the lessons learned.

In other words I frantically rewrote my presentation on the train to Turku yesterday morning. My slides and possibly some live material (horror film at eleven!) will be available on the Turku Agile Day web pages... as soon as the guys have recovered from their hangovers.

Anyway this seems to be an excellent opportunity to stop for a moment, take a breather and look at what I and the others in my team have achieved over the last several years. Lots of small and large wins, a couple of defeats and of course what we could call the ultimate defeat: failure to deliver within a reasonable time. I'm going to look for things that worked and didn't work and try to find patterns and supporting theories. What to do with that information I don't know yet. However you can expect more updates on this subject later, and perhaps some presentations on SlideShare or maybe even a booklet. Time will tell.

With those words, over and out.

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