Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So it has a name: personal Kanban

For a while I've been trying to find a way to manage my tasks. I usually have dozens of projects running in parallel, each with a number of small tasks that tend to be forgotten. Visibility has been a problem for me and likely for my colleagues too. Basically I've wanted a personal Kanban board.

So yesterday I evaluated a bunch of free online Kanban tools, on the assumption that a well-written AJAX app should work on my laptop as well as my two cellphones. I ended up with mostly because it supports swimlanes and downloadable webcals. The UI is fresh, simple and uncluttered, and although it's not optimized for mobile devices, it's at least usable. For the moment this seems to work fine. To keep things simple I've opted for a three-step workflow consisting of Backlog - In progress - Done. The web page stays open and credentials are retained even if the IP changes, so I don't have to log in all the time. And the WIP limit does wonders. The webcals don't seem to work properly, though.

I presented this to a colleague and he said "Oh, you've started using Personal Kanban. Good for you." I didn't know it had a name. ;-)

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